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Automatic Coil Packing Lines

Automatic Coil Packing Lines
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Reduce expenses with efficient packing solutions to drive profitability and productivity.


Labor Optimization

Increase worker efficiency and save on labor costs through automated packing systems.


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Safeguard your products with advanced packaging technology to prevent damage and reduce material costs.

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we are a premier manufacturer in China providing customized automatic packing lines for coil and long products.

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Customized Packing Solutions

Automatic Coil Packing Lines

Automatic Slit Coil Packaging System

The automaitc slitting coil handling system include: Turnstile, coil down ennder, coil turntable for strapping and coil stacking machine. It is able pick up the coil and turning 90 degree for chaning ID to wall into ID to sky. So that it is easy stacking coiling on pallet by automatic stacker one by one.

Automatic Coil Packing Lines

Steel master coil packing machine

Master coil packing machine features two blocker roller stations and is specialized for the orbital wrapping of steel coils. This machine provides a comprehensive solution for packaging needs, ensuring that the package is dustproof, well-protected, and decorated. 

Automatic Coil Packing Lines

Extruded aluminum profiles packaging line

Our extruder aluminum packing line is specifically designed to apply a strip of adhesive film along the top and bottom sides of the profile. This machine is designed to operate continuously, streamlining the packaging process and increasing productivity. 

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plastic pipe bundle making and bagging machine (4)

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