November 2017

Packing technology

The advantages of the bowman group’s conveying equipment are the full range of varieties. Meanwhile, the equipment of different delivery capacity can be provided, so you have many different options. What is the bucket machine? At this point, we can look at berman’s efficient fpc4 bucket. The berman group is the market leader in the …

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Palletising Technology

Because the heat of the product itself and the higher ambient temperature will increase the friction of the contact surface of the bag, it will result in the increase of adhesion. Therefore, this time, the stacking accuracy is greatly affected. At the same time, you can see that the special coating is adopted by the …

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Stacking technology LED Wall Pack Light

LED light online computer cooling accessories, lighting components, optical components, mechanical components, auto parts, medical components, contact information and other fields are necessary for thermally conductive engineering plastics, LED thermally conductive insulating plastics with the expansion of thermal conductive LED Wall Pack Light         

What are the requirements?

What are the requirements? On the one hand, efficient packaging needs to be guaranteed and, on the other hand, costs can be reduced in all logistics processes. For high-value products, the best protection is provided, and the products can be displayed during delivery. Therefore, it is easy to identify the waterproof and waterproof packaging. At …

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What kind of equipment should be used for transportation?

What kind of equipment should be used for transportation, dust and climate protection? Used for high-value consumer goods. Berman is a leading global logistics internal mechanical equipment manufacturers, it introduced a berman fpc1, it has the characteristics of powerful, fast and efficient, this equipment is cold stretch film packaging method. You can see that berman …

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