At Copenhagen airport,you can see the fpc1 system, which has a lot of features, so it has a lot of advantages. As is known to all, the breakthrough fpc1 system is a baggage management system, which is an advanced automatic spare baggage management system. So, you can see that manual sorting of the pieces of luggage is something that you don’t need to do. So the last blank of the baggage handling system technology can be well compensated.

At the airport in Copenhagen, you can see the first fpc1 equipment. The device has many advantages, and its main advantage is that it can significantly reduce costs, optimize the operation process and work environment. Meanwhile, the health and safety standards have been greatly improved since the device is not manually extracted, and the downtime has been greatly reduced.

As you can see, for devices, each step process is automated. When the process of the check-in is completed, the sorted luggage can be loaded into the loaded vehicle designated by the flight. In general, it is through the automatic collection unit. At the same time, the automatic distribution unit design has a high sorting ability. In general, its sorting capacity can reach 250 pieces of luggage per hour. These vehicles have a lot to do with temporary storage, and they can be delivered to the tarmac as well. On the tarmac, the unloading process can be completed automatically. Finally, through Ramp Snake, people can load the luggage into the cargo zone of the aircraft.

We all know that for the arrival of luggage, they can be removed directly from the cargo area of the aircraft, and then the unloaded baggage will be loaded into the loading truck loaded with stray baggage. As you can see, automatic unloading occurs when the transporter is driven to the automatic discharge system. Then, the identification and sorting of individual luggage will be carried out. People can bring their baggage to the baggage claim area, and then the baggage handling equipment is what people will do.


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