There is a single Belt Tray that has a big role to play. It can be sorted into a sorting chute. On either side of the sorting machine is the sorting chute, which has four different layers. In principle, each layer can achieve the purpose of handling a customer’s object. You can see, when an order of things came together to a chute stratification, pneumatic mobile ascension will need to use the machine, people use this ascension can take these items to empty, and then, they have been transferred to the packaging area. An empty slot can also play a big role, and it can then collect items from a new order. A few of these four-tier sorting grooves require the women of the packaging area to be responsible. As you can see, they are variable in terms of the classification methods for each order, and the volume and quantity of each order must be considered.

Information overview:

We can look at its technical parameters.

Items: textile products and small pieces of household utensils, the single weight is generally not, their weight is no more than 7kg, 620 mm x 420 mm x 250 mm is their largest size

Sorting machine model: fpc1.

368 m is the length of the sorting machine.

2.0m/s is its speed.

800 mm is the sorting machine pitch.

What is a sorting terminal? It has 256 4-layer sorting slots, and it is also a special sorting terminal.

The sorting ability is very strong. Under normal circumstances, 23,400 /h is its sorting ability.

3000 /h is its import tool.

What is the control system? The berman sorting system is the control system.

All 121 of berman’s staff are working hard, and they are responsible for the operation and maintenance of the two terminals automated baggage handling systems. Seven days and 24 hours, in the baggage control room, there are people on duty, because it is essential to have preventive maintenance of equipment. Only then can you ensure that the device is running at its best. In the case of a system failure, you can see that the redundant hardware can form a backup system, and the automatic and seamless switch can be completed.




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