W’s WI group.

Maintaining competitive advantage is the purpose of the group. In order to achieve this goal, the trend of increasing the sales growth of the mail-order business and e-commerce is what the group should do. Investing in a new German Widen distribution center is what J intends to do, so it orders a new generation of sorting equipment for berman.

The new device has many advantages. On the one hand, it can promote the future growth of J. In general, it can stabilize its competitive advantage by reducing power and maintenance costs. On the other hand, promises to cut carbon emissions can also be honored.

The purpose of the group is to meet the requirements of the customer. In order to achieve this purpose, some equipment is packed and equipped with the sorting system equipment. So let’s see.

Two fpc1 crossover sorting machines. A fpc2 double disk sorting machine. It also has 136 packaging chutes and 139 loading chutes. The s-control system is also part of its sorting system.

In the new distribution center of W, it is the first step to put items on the imported platform and send them to the cross-belt sorting system for automatic sorting. Then, the delivery to 134 slots is the second step. Then people need to pack everything and then transport it to the sorting machine, which is the third step.

Linear synchronous motor was adopted berman group sorting machine, so it can be implemented without affecting the product speed, sorting ability and reliability under the premise of making the product life cycle cost is greatly reduced. The advantages of high-speed – linear synchronous motor has a lot of, one of its advantages is that you can not directly contact with movable parts of the equipment, so the wear is reduced, and at the same time, it produces low noise.





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