Munich airport.

At the Munich airport terminal 2, the most advanced baggage handling system is provided by the berman group. So, it’s a great benefit, and when the global passengers are in this transit, these passengers will be able to continue their journey with only a short time.

The baggage handling system, as the check-in counter, can be fast, safe and efficient. The logistics challenge of the continuous increase of passenger throughput in Munich airport is effectively solved by the fpc1 scheme.

As you can see, for terminal 2, it’s very demanding for the baggage handling system. We take an example, for example, for to the passengers, the passengers need to get their luggage – in 30 minutes for large airports all over the world, this is the shortest time. At the same time, the problem of future expansion of airport is also a matter of consideration. Building a satellite building also has a big role to play, which can distract the pressure from baggage handling. At the same time, for each building, they use a 500-meter long tunnel connection. In addition, terminal 1 of a tunnel through the airport will need to be established. The tunnel allows each piece of luggage to be sent to a designated location, and the processing time required is only 12 minutes.

X-ray scanners are also included in the entire transmission of the fpc1 system. For each piece of luggage, they are in a designated tray. In general, on the one hand, it can simultaneously balance the security requirements of the system, and on the other hand, the high speed demand of the airport can be met. At the same time, the smooth delivery of luggage and tracking the location of each piece of luggage can be effectively guaranteed.

We can see that after the fpc1 was stationed at Munich airport, the processing capacity of each line was improved, and in general, it increased to 2,400 units per hour.

What does the package include? So let’s see.

Fpc1 baggage handling system: about 40 km. Module: about 14,000. The number of pallets is 6,500. Strong driving ability: about 19,000. The check-in counter is 114.




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