The design of AMU, ADU and the loading vehicle is very advanced because of these designs, so they can be used in conjunction with all other luggage sorting techniques. Do you know how its sophisticated control system works? IT can be connected to the airport’s IT system to monitor the operation of the fpc2-system. The two fpc2 loading trucks that automatically unpack the baggage and transshipment baggage are completed in Copenhagen’s automatic discharge system. In order to achieve this purpose, automatic barcode identification device and buffer are also included in the automatic dumping system. The main tool for connecting ADS and shipping cars is the automatic car unit.

The main hub of the Nordic star alliance is the Copenhagen airport, and you can see that there are more than 50 airlines flying here. At the same time, the number of aircraft has many, after estimating, take-off and landing vehicles quantity could be more than 25.8 year, passenger throughput is also high, probably close to 21 million people, the rush hour every day the volume of baggage handling much more special, you can see, there are about more than 60000 pieces of luggage need to be processed.

As you can see, the innovative linear synchronous motor brings many benefits to the customer: the first benefit is that the maintenance cost of the sorting machine is greatly reduced. At the same time, energy consumption has dropped considerably compared to the traditional drive technology, which is down by about 75 percent, according to statistics. So, there are a lot of benefits. On the one hand, it can significantly offset energy costs, and carbon emissions are reduced. On the other hand, it can achieve the goal of achieving the perfect unification of economic benefits and sustainable development.

The berman group’s customer service is excellent, they can provide fast and effective support to you, and these customer service can ensure that our products are running in the best possible state. The all-weather support platform also has a big role to play, providing you with 7 days and 24 hours of service support. At the site and at the company’s headquarters, they can help you with your services, maintenance, and training issues.



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