In the negotiation, the combination of new chain conveyor and multiple open conveyor is the first consideration, but soon the plan is abandoned. The problem we consider is environmental protection and maintenance cost reduction, so there is a new plan which is to select the fpc1 conveyor for the cement plant. “Because it is a closed structure, it can be very protective for the environment. On the other hand, the drop of material dropped can also be prevented. In addition, there is an advantage in the transportation process that the dust will not be produced, “explains M. As we can see, this conveyor has many other advantages. For example, the first advantage is that it can meet the requirements of long distance and sharp turns. Second, the curved structure is adopted, so the number of transit towers can be greatly reduced compared with other conveyor. Third, user costs have been greatly reduced, and, according to personalization, berman can also make the necessary adjustments to the delivery path. As you can see, the entire device was adjusted and installed by berman, with a diameter of 200 millimeters and a total length of 230 meters. It also has a strong delivery capacity. Generally speaking, 15 tons of materials can be delivered per hour. Berman is responsible for the entire process. The technical design and the entire steel structure are provided by berman. These are some of the most important advantages and features.

The durable conveyor belt is adopted by the conveyor belt.” It is our aim to provide the best design of the conveyor belt for S. In order to achieve this goal, we have also made a lot of efforts. On the one hand, the force of the pull and acceleration and the delay is very accurate.


  • LED flood lights Only the details are adjusted, and the more recognizable LED light strips are used inside the taillight group. It seems that the new Pele has finally kept pace with the times. Just when we wondered whether the final real car would look like the renderings, the actual car of Tuola was also exposed. LEDs are used in cars again. Everywhere started


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