What is the sorting equipment? What are its features? What role can it play in people’s work? For mail-order enterprises, a sorting and sorting equipment has been designed. It has a very big role and can solve a lot of problems for people.

The logistics service providers want a lot of things. On the one hand, they want the throughput to be increased. On the other hand, optimizing the configuration is also what they expect. Indeed, it’s about the profits of the logistics service providers, so it’s all about what they want.

The berman group has developed a new device for the H logistics warehouse distribution center, which is efficient sorting equipment. This kind of equipment is very useful.

O’s wholly-owned subsidiary is H, which is responsible for the various warehousing services of the whole group and outside clients of the group. According to the customer’s demand, the corresponding logistics service can be provided by H. H is responsible for the entire process chain from receiving, warehousing, order processing to shipping and return handling. So, this is a process that has a lot of process chains.

The logistics center of the H logistics warehouse distribution center is located in Hamburg and Haldensleben in Germany, where the warehouse is located in B, L and O. Generally speaking, because the order needs to be different, the global network with O needs to be connected. The logistics center in H, Germany, has played a large role in the design of various items. Modular design is adopted by buildings, because this design is very convenient for future expansion and development.

What is the sorting scheme of H logistics center? Let’s take a look at it. What is the role of this plan?

Usually, by expanding the distribution center, a new sorting machine is installed in the new packaging workshop.



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