“According to the terrain and environment conditions, this with horizontal bend cross-country type of conveyor can be flexible design, at the same time, its total length is very long, in general, with up to 20 kilometers of it”, Dr O explains. The open grooved duct tape can also be used according to the characteristics of the materials to be transported. The dip Angle can reach up to 15 degrees at this time. After design, installation and commissioning, the cost of maintenance and after-sales service is higher than that of linear conveyor. The annual maintenance costs also have a large sum, which is generally about 2 per cent of total investment. At present, berman has installed a conveyor for a large mining group in Canada, with a total length of 3.48 kilometers. It has a strong capacity to deliver 6,000 tons of iron ore per hour. The delivery system is under a lot of pressure, and it has to withstand extreme temperatures of -40 degrees and heavy snow days. For all mechanical, electrical and structural components, the design of extreme low temperatures was adopted by the berman system. The supply range is very wide, the conveyor belt of the off-road conveyor and the storage capacity of 400,000 tons are included. At the same time, this integrated slip reloaded can be used to fill ore into the warehouse.

Burman, the general contractor, has installed a conveyor at the distribution center of a large iron ore exporter in the coastal areas of Malaysia, with 17 of them, with a total length of 12 km. This conveyor line is very useful, and it can transport the ore from large freight forwarder to land quickly. After refinement, through the berman delivery system, the iron from these outputs can be sent back to the small freight forwarder that will be shipped to the end-user of the berman client. As you can see, the delivery and installation time of this project is very urgent. But beyond that, the overall design of debugging and the system is also the job of berman.





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