Conveying system

The conveyor belt conveyor system and belt conveyor are the equipment of berman’s product line in horizontal and vertical curves. The characteristics of the fpc1 belt bucket machine is that it is especially suitable for conveying large volumes and elevating high – height materials. The fpc2 conveyor is used as a traction piece for conveying the clinker. In addition, for the cement industry, the internal logistics expert can also provide a full range of grinding equipment, silo and filling, stacking, packaging and loading systems. This is a very important advantage. Bermann’s conveyance system has brought great convenience to people’s work and life. So people now trust berman deeply.

In general, with the exception of cement and mining, berman’s system solutions can also be used in the coal industry, such as the belt conveyor. It is the conveyor that transports coal from coal mines or ports to power plants. The berman group product line also contains important technology, including the perfect warehousing technology. Power plants often need to burn environmentally friendly fuels such as sawdust particles and other secondary fuels, which can generate heat. For this, the right system can be provided by us to transport fuel from the material to the boiler. These are the great benefits of berman’s optimized system.

But its conditions are constantly changing.

“What is the additional charge in the quotation? Usually, it’s usually associated with an EPC contract, “Dr. O said. That means a lot of things, providing the full set of machinery and equipment and electrical installations that have to be done, and on the other hand, berman is responsible for the whole process. We can see that the technical process design of the whole system, as well as the coordination and supervision of the installation and commissioning process are included. High availability system equipment and the optimization of the whole supervision plays a very important role.

The hose coil packing machine neeeds to be connects to the conveyer line for automatic packing.


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