In the weighing device and the filling mouth, people can establish permanent contact through special software. The weight automatic correction device also has an important function, which can ensure the accuracy of the bag weight during loading. So the exact filling degree can be obtained. Generally speaking, the filling mouth comes with a special outer cover. This special enclosure can minimize the dust released. Also, on either side of the filling mouth area is the dust collection center. In general, where the dust is produced, the dust will be sucked down and re-imported into the process. The dust – free filling can be achieved very well. The function of the three cylinders is used for coarse adjustment/fine adjustment of material flow. It is arranged vertically outside the dust area. Meanwhile, it also has an important role in dustproof. Similarly, the dustless area installed in the filling mouth is also used to discharge the cylinder in the bag.

Then, on different specifications of the tray, you can realize flexible and efficient stacking paper bags, PE bags or PP bag materials. For this reason, efficient layered stacking system fpc5 was developed by berman. In general, these stacking systems have to be very soft on the handling of bags, so that no dust can be produced during operation. Burman’s stacker can be equipped with many advanced devices, such as a clamping switch device or a newly developed dual-belt transposition device that can be mounted on a palletizer. This new type of stacker can quickly and accurately place the bag in the corresponding position, and the stability of the shape of the stack can be guaranteed. If necessary, a dual belt transfer device for the existing stacker is what berman customer support can do. It is because of these advanced devices that berman’s technology is so dependent that the loading and unloading technology can solve more and more problems for people.




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