In general, they are very important to the meaning of the project, therefore, in the Czech republic, Austria, Germany Beckum and North America, competitiveness center were berman set up. The main thing these centers do is to specialize in research and development, sales, project management and procurement. So the berman group has been playing a big role, and it’s something that we can see.

In general, the cost of the customer can be greatly reduced through the solutions provided by these competitive centers, which are, of course, the berman group. At the same time, it can also ensure that the operation is very environmentally friendly. If you use berman fpc2 conveyor, then, the conveyor will be a lot of bulk material from a quarry or mine quickly transported to the factory or port, of course, no sense this is cost-effective. By contrast, if you use a truck, there are a lot of disadvantages. We can take a look at its disadvantages. On the one hand, truck delivery needs to be repaired first, which is a costly process. At the same time, the more materials transported from the quarry to the factory, the number of deliveries will also increase. The result of trucking would be higher operating costs, which would also increase carbon emissions. In addition, the consumption of fuel is also necessary. Noise and dust are produced, and human health is greatly affected. If people use the fpc2 conveyor directly, there are a lot of advantages. On the one hand, it can be faster than the truck, so the manpower is greatly saved. On the other hand, its energy consumption and carbon dioxide emissions will be greatly reduced. According to the project, the belt conveyor system has the advantage of comparison with truck transportation, which can save up to 90% of the natural energy. Therefore, this saves the cost, also can make the construction become very convenient.




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