Mobile handling equipment. What is mobile loading and unloading equipment? What role does it play? The function of mobile loading and unloading equipment can be used in tank trucks. Now, we can look at this in detail.

When applied to the cement industry, the higher loading capacity is required, and the situation becomes more obvious. You can see, only the fixed installation of bulk head has been far can not meet the requirements, especially in the process of loading, tank trucks parked on load meter weighing and even can’t move, the needs of the people will be more mobile loading equipment. The first thing you must do in bulk is to move to each feeding tube. Depending on the material characteristics and the length of the vehicle, the mobile or oscillating conveyance equipment can be selected. According to the situation of the site, mobile conveyance equipment can be equipped with 1 or 2 bulk heads.

As we all know, the first step that the bulk material needed to do before stacking, packaging, and shipping to customers was to make bags. Burman packaging machine fpc5 was launched by in-house logistics experts, so innovative solutions were provided. Since then, all the equipment and systems on the packaging line have been provided by the berman group. This new type of equipment design also has great features, it is extremely flexible. So these devices can be perfectly integrated with existing packaging lines. These devices can also match the customer’s situation perfectly. The special thing about berman fpc5 is that it is a feature of the berman fpc5 device, so it has a great advantage over other devices.

Generally speaking, special weighing electronic technology has great effect, which can guarantee the accuracy of material bagging. At the same time, people can also remove the material bags which are not qualified (overweight or heavy) to prevent the production of defective products. This ensures the quality of the product.



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