The handling system is important. From a single device vendor to a project contractor, this is a process and a progress.

As the economy develops, you can see that the technology requirements of the bulk industry are increasing, so they are constantly making new demands on users. Supplier is also facing many challenges, on the one hand, suppliers need to integrate resources to provide one-stop service, on the other hand, suppliers also can solely responsible for the project, at the same time, the complete turn-key project. NRW berman group is headquartered in Germany, at the same time, berman group can also according to customer’s specific requirements of the professional development system solutions, these systems solution includes a lot of content. Transportation/handling, stacking/packaging, sorting/classification technology are all included. At the same time, you can see that it has a global presence.

At the same time, we can see the berman group as the customer’s project contractor. Dr Berman group G system technical director in the growing of the market demand is very understanding, “customers want system equipment turnkey can be put into use is the obvious trend of society”. The extended form of project management is “design, procurement, construction (EPC) or design procurement and construction management (EPCM)”, of course, which is also a top priority. “This trend has been reflected in many areas of the bulk industry, such as the delivery of ore and minerals in the mines and cement industries,” explained Dr.

A variety of products specially customized for the bulk material industry.

In 2011, berman group E with India in the acquisition agreement, signed the agreement because it is over, so the group in the Indian cement industry market expansion and consolidation, a process that makes berman at the growth stage of important position in the market.


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