Full automatic tray packing machine

A300型 托盘包装机

Fhope series tray packaging machine series is more advanced than any other products. Fhope pre stretching system is several years ahead of all other brands. Due to its unique technology, the performance of winding film far exceeds the industry standard, and it has the ability to reduce the use of winding film by more than half. I am very proud of the revolutionary development, because it brings the best recognition in the world, far more than other suppliers.

Before the winding packaging machine was widely used, the traditional packaging method was manual film packaging. Before the expansion of automatic production, this packaging method can also meet people’s needs. However, with the rapid development of economy, the continuous expansion of production scale and the gradual increase of packaging volume, people’s demand for packaging is also increasing. The traditional manual packaging method is the most popular one Industrial packaging has been far from meeting people’s needs, so winding machine appeared. The following describes the advantages of winding machine

1. The products packaged by machine are more beautiful than those packaged by hand, which not only improves the external image of the products of the enterprise, but also improves the image of the enterprise itself

2. Saving packaging time, high packaging efficiency is also a major advantage of packaging machinery, machine packaging faster than manual packaging.

3. Cost saving: in recent years, the increase of human cost has increased the human cost and management cost of the enterprise. It is an inevitable trend for modern enterprises to improve the mechanical automation and solve the shortage of human resources for enterprises.


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