Full automatic tray winding packaging machine


The full automatic tray winding packaging machine is used to package and stretch the tray around the loading tray. It can meet the customer’s requirements for capacity and adaptability, and maintain conveniently and economically. The film provides additional support when transporting and storing products to protect them from damage. In addition, the load of the package can be easily separated and identified. Automatic stretch tray packaging machine is widely used in the fields of chemical industry, electronic industry construction, food industry, etc

The cause of winding film failure of tray winding machine

Tray winding machine, also known as stretch film winding machine, winding film machine, wrapping film machine, transparent film machine, is a very widely used winding packaging equipment, applied to various industries, the packaging material used is transparent stretch film. Because many users always have various problems in the process of using the stretch film, the common problem of the stretch film of the tray winding machine is that the stretch film is always not tight or broken. According to this situation, we summarize the causes of the winding film failure of the tray winding machine:

For human reasons, the tension adjustment on the operation panel has a fixed position during the operation of the equipment. If the operator fails to adjust to the exact position, the tension film of the equipment during the packaging process will not be tight or the film will be broken. If there is burr on the rubber covered stick on the mold base, the winding film will also be damaged. At this time, the operator only needs to use sandpaper or other tools to smooth the burr.

Our tray winding machine is suitable for machine pre stretched winding packaging film, width: 500mm, thickness: about 0.02, we do not advocate the use of hand used film, because the hand used film is relatively thin, which is not enough to support the tensile film strength of the tensile film mold base, which is easy to cause membrane breakage, so we remind our customers to confirm with the manufacturer when purchasing the stretch film, if we use our equipment Used mechanical stretch film.


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