Full automatic tray wrapping machine

B200型 全自动托盘包装机

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The automatic pallet wrapping machine has the following basic functions on packaging, which is helpful for one person to pack and load goods online. Fixture: automatic pallet stretch packaging clamping device to maintain the stretch film at the leading edge (tail) to allow the stretch packaging process to start without the need for the operator to attach the stretch film fitting load. Packaging: for pallet packaging, the product load must be packed according to the pallet packaging parameters, which is set by the operator on the stretch packaging control panel. Cutting: after the stretch packaging cycle, the stretch film must be cut from the pallet load and held by the fixture. In this way, the stretch film is properly clamped to allow the next pallet to be packed without manual work. Paste: the back edge of the stretched film must be automatically adhered to the load with wrapping paper to avoid film hanging. In this way, the tray is not sagged, and the film TiAl is hoisted and transported

Automatic pallet stretch packaging machine is a kind of complete round stretch packaging machine. Its unique and unique design perfectly connects the production line and conveyor line with the packaging equipment. You can send the products to the warehouse without forklift, and the pallet stretch packing machine can directly send the products to your destination. It is not only convenient, but also very safe. It can cut a lot of expenses to some extent. For more information about pallets, please feel free to contact us.

The automatic pallet stretching packaging machine is used to pack the pallet around the stretching pallet. It can meet the customer’s requirements for capacity and adaptability, and maintain conveniently and economically. The film provides additional support when transporting and storing products to protect them from damage. In addition, the load of the package can be easily separated and identified. Automatic stretch tray packaging machine is widely used in chemical industry, electronic industry construction field, food industry and other fields.

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