Hose wrapping line

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Fhope automatic hose coil wrapping line includes coiler, conveyor line, coil packaging machine and coiler.

In addition, the coil stacker and winding packaging machine can be used for fully automatic packaging connected with the packaging line.

Flexible solution can be applied to all kinds of plastic coil packaging, high stability, size can be modified as needed.

Fhope’s engineers have been working to make the hose / pipe take-up packaging line more robust, versatile, and easier to integrate with various feed systems and peripherals.

Fhope hose coil packaging machinery is the leading manufacturer of pipe / pipe / coil packaging equipment in the industry. Now Fhope has machines put into operation all over the world, and it processes all kinds of packages every day.

When the service technician is in your area, we will contact you to see if you want to visit and welcome you to visit.

Our technicians will evaluate your machine according to the comprehensive service list, and provide valuable and efficient services according to your needs without expensive travel expenses.

Fhope’s driving force has always been the customer’s high evaluation and to provide customers with solid and durable, well manufactured, cost competitive, easy to operate and easy to use packaging system.

“Intelligent packaging” has been born

In recent years, the research and development of some new technologies have played an important role in “green packaging”, and active and intelligent packaging has come into people’s attention.

For active intelligent packaging, it may feel strange, but it has already appeared in our daily life. For example, the moisture absorbent of independent packaging in food packaging is the most primitive intelligent packaging element, which can be adjusted with the change of product environment. However, the latest technology is more outstanding. For example, if some fresh-keeping food needs to be preserved at low temperature, a new label that can indicate time and temperature can be pasted on the package. The chemical composition will polymerize when the temperature rises, and the color of the label will change accordingly, so that customers can know what temperature the food is stored and how fresh it is Sample.

It is understood that such “active packaging” has been put into use in the United States, the European Union and other places. The two largest markets for active and intelligent packaging are beverage and food. Because many companies realize that they have a huge commercial interest in making their customers feel that the food they are offering them is so fresh, their demand exceeds half of the total market demand.

According to foreign media reports, some more interesting “smart packaging” is under development. In New Zealand, researchers are developing a fruit packaging that can indicate when fruits like grapes, which are afraid of being squeezed, will ripen. There are also researchers who are studying another food safety instruction packaging technology, putting a kind of plastic sheet mixed with dye into the food packaging bag. If the food in the packaging bag rots, it will release gas, which will change the color of the plastic sheet. Consumers can know whether the food is deteriorated according to the color of the plastic sheet. Food technology researchers estimate that in the future, “active packaging” technology will be applied to 20% to 40% of food packaging.

Some scientists are actively exploring other methods, such as “intelligent packaging” to extend the shelf life of food. For example, different fruits and vegetables need to be kept fresh under a certain concentration of oxygen and carbon dioxide. When the temperature is high, the fruits or vegetables in the packaging bag will consume more oxygen and release more carbon dioxide, and the fresh-keeping period of the food will be affected. A California company is working on a packaging film called intelimer. When the temperature of the film changes, it will change its permeability, so that different foods can keep under the optimal ratio of oxygen and carbon dioxide concentration, and extend the shelf life.

For China, the investment of domestic enterprises in the field of active and intelligent packaging is still insufficient. However, we can fully believe that in today’s increasingly concerned food safety issues, “smart packaging” will receive more and more attention in China.

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