Door Shrinking Machine

video of the panel shrink wrap machine


More information:

High-efficiency door-type packaging machine can adopt three types of packaging methods: shrink-type, rail-type and spiral-type.
Adjustable packaging range for linear object applications. The packaging width is adjustable to suit different product sizes, and the packaging can be automatically cut and re-fed without operator intervention.
The shrinking machine is composed of a conveyor, a panel packer and a shrinking channel. Easy to accommodate different products, providing better protection and better appearance.

Packaging process: A sealing machine with two pressing devices is used to cover the door panel with plastic film, and then use a hot blade to cut and seal the packaging edge.
The bagged panel is then fed into a hot aisle to shrink. The shrunk packaging will be very tight and tidy.
After shrinking, press the sides of the panel with two vertical rollers to make the edges neat.

Door plate packing machine It is designed for stretch packaging of products. The door panel is packed with stretch film and controlled by the control system. The settings are variable and can be operated by the user.
Different packaging methods, such as overlap rate control, front packaging and transition packaging of rare parts, bubble film coverage can also be achieved. The following are the specifications of different machines.

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